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Specific speaker made for the

"Maison de La Radio" and the National Audiovisual Institute ( INA )

This speaker is composed of a cylindrical

subwoofer and 6 spherical speakers.

The use of flexible pipe enables to orient the spherical speakers very easily, and therefore choose accurately the sound direction.

In addition, the separate supply of the subwoofer and the spherical speakers has the advantage of independently adjusting both woofer and medium-tweeter range depending on the acoustics

of the room.

This speaker has a

soft touch coating.

Designed and manufactured in France.

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L'Acoustique Française

L'Acoustique Française

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Specific product based on

 Alpha 22 HR

This is a derivative of the model

Alpha 22 HR realised for

 sound professionals.


Designed and manufactured in France.

D19 M wall speaker designed in partnership with a major store chain

The model D 19 M was designed to answer

 to a specific request:

Maintaining reproduction quality of sound

 even with a wall-fixed speaker.

This half-die shaped speaker (190x190x105 mm)

has a high sensitivity of 93 dB, which enables it to be use with low power amplifiers.

Designed and manufactured in France.

Spherical speaker designed

 and manufactured for

" Radio France "

Made by resin with a 130 mm diameter

professional full range loudspeaker.

Coating : Nextel grey

HPC1 Acoustic crossover

The acoustic crossover HP C1 balances

 2 speakers when they are not placed in

 the same configuration.

For example, when one of the two speakers is close to a corner or a wall, the sound level of low frequencies is artificially increased, which

causes an imbalance.

The crossover HPC1 will reduce this

 sound level difference in order to restore full consistency between the two speakers.

Customised products:

For your business projects, you can contact "Siare Acoustique", it can meet your demands for a specific speaker

 or amplifier.

We have already carried out several specific projects, in particular for the famous "Maison de la Radio",

for the National Audiovisual Institute ( INA ), for television but also for major store chains.

You will find below some examples of our achievements.