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Technical specifications

Enclosure type :                                                            

Driver :                                                              

Frequency response :                                         

Sensitivity :                                                       

Recommended power amplifier :                          

Nominal impedance :                                          

Terminal :                                                          

Weight :                                                            

Dimensions :                                                     

Finishes :                                              

Accessories :



Full range driver with phase plug system / voice coil ventilated

75 Hz - 18 kHz

93 dB / 1 W / 1 m

25 - 80 W

8 ohms

Push terminal

3.1 kg

Diameter 220 mm

Black, white, red or grey ( matt or shiny )

Front grill : black

Transparent circular stand

Optional : Wall mount bracket WMB A22

Ceiling mount CM A22

Stand S A14 & A22 

Alpha 22 HR

The Alpha 22 HR model uses the concept of "fullrange speaker" which gives it a very high efficiency in a small volume and a high reliability in time.

Its spherical shape gives it an excellent spatial resolution compared to conventional systems.

It is equipped with a 130 mm diameter loudspeaker with a ventilated coil and a phase plug system to optimise the directivity. This loudspeaker has been developed in partnership with the French company Audax.

The Alpha 22 HR is available in finishing black, white, red or grey ( matt or shiny )

Specific color on request.

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