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Alpha 14 Flex

The model Alpha 14 Flex is a sphere of 140 mm diameter mounted on a multidirectional flexible pipe.

It is equipped with a 90 mm diameter fullrange speaker with a glass fiber cone.

This model has a very high linearity, which gives it a soft and accurate sound.

The directivity is controlled by a small horn before the loudspeaker.

The installation and adjustment of the Alpha 14 Flex is facilitated by the use of a multidirectional

flexible pipe mounted on an aluminum plate.

Alpha Flex 14 is available in black matt paint

Closed box system

Full range driver 80 mm glass fiber cone

90 Hz - 18 kHz

90 dB / 1 W / 1 m

20 - 60 W

4 ohms

Terminal block strip

1.3 kg

Diameter 140 mm

Black matt paint


Wall and ceiling mount

Technical specifications

Enclosure type :                                                                

Driver :                                                              

Frequency response :                                         

Sensitivity :                                                       

Recommended power amplifier :                          

Nominal impedance :                                          

Terminal :                                                          

Weight :                                                            

Dimensions :                                                     

Finishes :                                              


Accessories :                


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