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French Acoustics

SIARE Acoustique

 Siare is a company located in the Loire Valley in France.
It specializes in the design of speakers for the
professional audio field and public address

 systems but also for Home audio : Hi-Fi and Home Cinema.

Studies are overseen by a sound engineer with over twenty years of experience in the field

 of electroacoustic, including the design of spherical speakers.
We have a standard range, but we can also design custom-made products, from technical

but also aesthetic specifications.



The design of new products is carried out in France as well as assembly and manufacturing
of most of the components. We mainly work with suppliers located near to our company for resin

shells or spherical models for the application of paint for example.

The speakers used are largely designed in partnership with the
French company Audax.

We mainly use membranes made from cellulose pulp treated for woofers and midrange speakers and impregnated fabric for the dome of the tweeters to keep a smooth and natural sound.


Quality control :

We attach great importance to manufacturing quality as well as quality control.
We have implemented
a double check at the end

 of production : all speakers are tested separately, it is not a sampling inspection but a total control.
This guarantees a
perfect reliability for all productions.


After Sales Service old ranges

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have old

 speakers SIARE

( dating from the period 1975 - 1995 ).
We will do our best to ensure customer service. However, this is not always possible given the age

 of the brand, since parts are not always available.

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